Cookie Lady

Jeanette Cram loves to bake cookies for the military men and women serving our country. She and her mixer are tireless. And it’s contagious. Her friends, often referred to as “Crumbs,” help the Cookie Lady make the batter, pack the cookies, prepare the shipping and customs labels. She bakes chocolate chip cookies (replacing the chocolate chips with M&Ms in the summertime) and oatmeal raisin cookies, and fills in the packages with candies and note cards.

Treat The Troops is not a business, but is a volunteer effort to support our soldiers. Her reward is not only the good feeling she has inside her, but also the hundreds of thank-you letters that fill her 21 albums (see photos).Requests from soldiers receive highest priority.

©Russ Bryant Photography

©Russ Bryant Photography

Jeanette has baked cookies for soldiers on the front line since the Gulf War in 1990 when a letter from a soldier read by then-President George Bush gave her the idea. The soldier had asked his mom to send lots of letters and cookies. Since then Jeanette and the “crumbs” have baked 

  AS OF 9/6/2018


cookies to the troops. As long as soldiers continue to occupy and protect Iraq and Afghanistan, she will continue to bake cookies for and send comfort items to those in harm’s way in the Middle East.