Here are some of the questions people have asked in their e-mails to Jeanette.
Q: Can you send cookies to a serviceman in other areas?
A: Due to the large number of requests, we can only ship to soldiers serving in the Middle East.
Q: Do you accept donations for postage?
A: Donations for postage are gratefully received–except from deployed soldiers; they are doing enough for all of us. Each Flat Rate #1 box costs $16.75. Treat The Troops sends hundreds of boxes each month, and the cost of baking the cookies is donated by the “crumbs.” Contributions are tax-deductible. We have 501(c) (3) status. See Home page for address.
Q: Do the troops appreciate and eat the cookies coming from a stranger?
A: The soldiers have come to recognize the boxes labeled Treat The Troops (my registered trademark). If they don’t know who you are, a personal note telling how you got their name would be a good idea. I personalize my notes as much as possible–e.g., “Your aunt Linda gave me your address and sends her love and prayers.” A return address label on the cookies also is an indication to them that you stand behind your goods. Also remember that many of the soldiers are reservists and their families don’t have the resources to send them “care packages.”
Q: Could you please send me names and addresses of soldiers?
A: I’m sorry that I cannot pass on information that is given to me. People who know me trust that I will send legitimate goods to the troops, and I stand behind what I send. I cannot assume responsibility for what someone else might send.
Q: Do the soldiers need stamps? 
A: Soldiers in a “war zone” can send letters home at no charge.
Q: Will you send cigarettes to the soldiers on request? 
A: We do not send tobacco products. I checked with the MPSA and learned that restrictions apply in some APO’s/FPO’s. Also, other than the cookies we bake, the products we send are donated.
Do you:
Q: put white bread in the bags with the cookies?
A: No
Q: use tins?
A: No
Q: use popcorn?
A: No
Q: use preservatives?
A: No
Q: use a vacuum sealer?
A: No
Q: take requests for specific cookies?
A: No
Q: What is a “crumb?”
A: A “crumb” is a person who is committed to helping our soldiers’ morale by baking/sending homemade cookies to soldiers deployed in harm’s way. Other types of “crumbs” are “scrounge” (gets supplies/money donated), “snack” (sends only snack items to soldiers), “cyber” (manages this website).
Q: How long does it take for the cookies to get “there?”
A: Treat The Troops always uses Priority Mail boxes. It usually takes 7-10 days for the cookies to get to their destination. Please check with your Post Office for specific information.
Q: If you are an all-volunteer organization, why are you incorporated?
A: In order to obtain 501(c) (3) status (which Treat The Troops received April 2005), you must be incorporated in your home state. It is a Federal requirement. Treat The Troops is dependent upon the spirit of volunteerism and the “good will” of supporters.